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Jackpot Darts Slot Review

Darts is a very addictive game that is especially popular in pubs in the UK, the United States, and some other countries. Of course, you know the essence of this game, but just in case, we remind you that you need to throw darts at the center of a specially marked target.

Some time ago virtual darts slots appeared in online casinos running on PlayTech software in two versions: Darts and Jackpot Darts. In fact, these slots differ from each other only in the fact that in the second version there is an opportunity to win the jackpot.

In the central window of Jackpot Darts, a target is depicted which exactly reflects the one that is used in a real game in pubs. A virtual hand on the screen throws darts at the center of the target. All this creates a sense of participation in this game. But it’s impossible to call Darts by PlayTech a virtual darts simulator because users do not directly participate in the process but only bet on the result.


There are three types of bets in Jackpot Darts:

  1. There is a bet that at least one of the three darts will hit the desired sector of the target, and this is the simplest and most understandable type of betting. You make this bet by selecting the desired sector with the mouse.
  2. Betting on dart combinations is more difficult. You can make such a bet in a special window located in the upper left corner of the screen. In essence, this is a bet on the fact that as a result of the throw the darts create some combination a certain number of times (from zero to three). You can choose combinations by sector colors or by circles on the target.
  3. In addition, each of the target sectors has its own number so players can bet on the total amount accumulated as a result of throwing three darts. Such bets are made in the window in the lower left corner of the screen.

When the game starts, the user selects the value of the coins that he bets. Then he directly makes bets by combining them at his discretion. By the way, if you hover the cursor on one of the sectors in the Betting Chances window located on the right, the odds of winning will appear. At the choice of the player, the odds can be presented as a fraction or a decimal number. The number of bets is not limited, and their total amount is reflected in the Amount Bet window in the lower left corner.

After the player makes all the desired bets, he presses the Bet button. A virtual hand appears on the screen and throws three darts one by one. Winnings are reflected in the Payout section. You can try to increase the winnings in a round that resembles a double game in slots. You can throw another dart and as a result of this throw your bet will double or lose.

Interestingly, in the case, a dart hits next to the line dividing the sector, a close–up video replay is shown to the player. It should enhance the realism of what is happening.

Progressive Jackpot

The game has a progressive jackpot provided by PlayTech. A player wins the jackpot if all three darts hit the center of the target (“in the bull's eye”, so to speak). If one dart gets there, the player gets an additional jackpot in the form of twenty bets. If two darts hit the bull's eye, then the player is entitled to a jackpot in the amount of two thousand bets.


If you deal with the rules and types of bets from the very beginning, then playing Jackpot Darts is pleasant and convenient. A carefully thought-out interface does not cause any difficulties at any of the stages of the game, and the image looks really realistic.


Darts slot is a good gambling entertainment that can add variety to the routine gameplay. This slot is available in a demo version and you can play for free before embarking on real betting.

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