How to Win the Lottery

How to Win the Lottery

Among the many gambling games, lotteries have always occupied a special place, and for this there are reasons:

  • A lottery is a proven way to motivate society to do something good (both the organizers and the winners usually donate to charitable foundations – this is normal, and the charitable foundations themselves also often organize lotteries);
  • A lottery is such a game that can instantly and dramatically change the life of a lucky one;
  • A lottery is fun, even just waiting for a miracle sets it up in a positive way.

Despite the obvious unpredictability of the choice of winners, over the centuries of the existence of lotteries, players have invented a lot of incredible and sometimes wild rituals that “help” them win. Lottery figuratively became covered with superstition. This is the very case when the player cannot influence the outcome, but he really wants to.

As a result, the most avid players in their attempt to attract good luck to their own side use the most incredible tricks: buying tickets on special days, praying for victory, amulets for good luck, rituals for the growing moon… You can list them indefinitely. Skeptics are likely to call such people insane because skeptics, in general, are not particularly keen on lotteries and believe that spending money on a lottery ticket is pointless. The position of skeptics is not indisputable, because the chance to win the lottery is still more than zero, but they are right about tips on how to win the lottery: there are too many of them, and there are no guarantees.

Tips to Win the Lottery

The most harmless of the tips are as follows:

  1. Appearance. There are different theories depending on the geographical position of the adviser. For example, in India, the color of wealth and abundance is red. In China, they believe that red will definitely scare away evil spirits and failure. But the farther to the West, the more the scales tend in favor of dark clothing, preferably without cells and dashes so as not to “cross out” the luck. They will also advise you to pin the pin head down, not to wear a new one (the new clothes are allegedly not impregnated with the aura of a person and will not help in such matters), put a coin in the shoes (“money for money clings”). But the advisers suggest that the jewelry should be refrained, with which such advice is connected – it is not clear, but you never know. Often, players have their own happy socks and T-shirts, that is, things in which they are particularly lucky. Before buying tickets, players need to put such happy things on and hold talismans in their hands.
  2. Place and time of purchase. Players are advised to buy lottery tickets at the verified locations (that is, where winning tickets have already been sold). To enter such a shop, for example, it is obligatory with your left foot, to take a ticket with your right hand only. Is there no happy shop in your area? Look at the lottery online, especially since the payout percentage is higher there. The lottery is virtual, but the winnings are very real. Players should trust their inner sense: when you want to spend money on a game, then you should play. Have you been offered a change ticket? Random offer is not accidental – take it and do not doubt. By the way, they say that to see winning the lottery in a dream – is a lucky sign. So, pay attention to such signs.
  3. People. Players are confident that some people also bring good luck. Not all, only some of them. So, if you want to win, then put a lottery ticket close to the belly of a pregnant woman, or at a wedding with friends, be sure to ask the bride about her favorite numbers – these numbers will bring good luck.
  4. Astrology and numbers. Some players believe in the magic of stars and numbers and advise you to pay attention to your horoscope and special numbers (date of birth or wedding, phone, an age of the child, etc.) — these numbers will definitely help to win.

Skeptics regard all of the above as a bad humor, although many players sincerely believe in these tips, skeptics consider the following to be the most useful advice: stop in time, not play for the last money, treat the lottery as pleasant entertainment and do not make crazy plans for victory. But many professional players believe that without visualization of victory it is not easy to win. The choice to believe such advice or not is yours.

So, how realistic is it to win a lottery by playing on the system and are there any?

For example, take the most popular online version of the lottery. For a very long time, traditional keno was treated like a game of luck, where either you are lucky or “visit us again”. There was no system, everyone played at random. But one day, a certain Alan Criegman, a gambling man and mathematician, corrected the situation…

Relentless keno statistics lower players who believe in magic and rituals to the ground. With numbers you cannot argue, the numbers do not lie. If we are talking about land-based gambling houses, then in keno, the return percentage is between 67-70%. A land-based gambling house has a very large edge over its guests. In online keno, the situation is better: the return percentage varies between 80-96%. If you visit a proven online casino (see our online casino section), where RNG is certified and more than once verified, then your chances of winning at keno will definitely be greater there.

A few more interesting facts: what is the probability to bankrupt the institution? If you guess all 20 numbers, then you have a chance. But the probability of guessing all the numbers is equal to… 1 to 3.5 trillion (1012)! If all the inhabitants of the Earth every second will predict the gain in keno then in 24 hours only 20 people would hit the jackpot. In the entire history of the game, there has not yet been a case of a player guessing all 20 numbers, the maximum is 15-19.

But the Kriegman system gives a real chance to move the balance of luck in favor of the player. But no, this is not a 100% guarantee of a win (!) There is simply no win-win system. In our case, we give advice to skeptics, relying on mathematics. These tips can significantly increase the profitability of your attempts to win.

The game system is quite simple. Before the draw, the player is invited to select a pool of numbers that he plans to “guess” (1-20). For each number you need to make a bet, say $1-3. The probability of losing depends directly on the player's ambition:

  • The odds of winning with 1 number is 25%;
  • 2 numbers are 38% for one number and 6% for guessing both;
  • 3 numbers are 43.1% for one number, 13.9% for a pair, and 1.4% that the player will correctly name all three numbers;
  • 4 numbers are 43.3% for one number, 21.3% for a pair, 4,3% that 3 numbers are called right, 0.3% is the odds to guess 4 numbers;
  • Etc.

It is not difficult to understand from the above written that with an increase in the number of bets, the probability of guessing a number increases. The mathematical expectation on the condition of betting on 15 numbers will be better than, say, 5. But the gain will be the same. However, there is still a lot depends on the payment system of a gambling house, where you decide to catch the luck. In different online casinos, winning combinations may pay differently. Consider this before starting to play.

And yet, the system of small bets makes the Kriegman scheme as safe as possible, and if your bankroll is small, then you can choose a gambling house less scrupulously. But if you play big, then the question of choosing a place for you is item number one. Pay attention to gambling houses with progressive jackpots, a high percentage of returns and a reliable payment system for the customers.

And be attentive, sometimes the winners do not come for their prize simply because they have not carefully checked the results of the lottery.

Finally: any winning lottery strategy begins with the purchase of tickets. Good luck!

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