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Take 5 (New York)


Take 5 (New York) Lottery Review

New York Take 5 lottery was founded in 1992. At that time, it was called Take 5 and its drawings were held once a week, on Friday. The ticket price was $1. Since 2000, the draws are held every day. Currently, NY Take 5 is a daily lottery where a player must guess five numbers out of 39 to win the jackpot. Participants who matched two or three numbers also get a cash prize and those who have only one number matched the winning ones receive a free lottery ticket for the next draw.

Lottery Rules

The NY Take 5 draws take place every evening at 23:21. There is the lottery reel with balls numerated from 1 to 39. Lottery participants compare their combinations with the winning one. If at least two numbers match, the player gets a prize. The more matches, the greater the gain. The participant guesses all the winning NY Take 5 numbers, wins the jackpot. If the NY Take 5 draw was held, but none guessed all the numbers to win the jackpot, the jackpot amount is added to the second category prize and then distributed among those players who managed to guess the 4 winning numbers.

You have to buy a ticket to take part in the NY Take 5 lottery. Previously, the ticket could be purchased exclusively in New York at points of sale, but since the lottery agents are online, it became much easier to buy an NY Take 5 ticket on the Internet. Go to the TheLotter website, choose a lottery and determine the number of lines which you want to play. Be sure to check the numbers and date you specified.

Important! Please read the Terms and Condition carefully. Also, pay special attention to the payment methods, agent’s fees and the conditions for receiving prizes. Having bought an NY Take 5 ticket online, you do not need to check out the latest NY Take 5 results yourself: the agent will notify you of NY Take 5 winning numbers by email or telephone.

How to Play NY Take 5 Online

To play NY Take 5 online, visit the lottery agent website, TheLotter for example. Choose five numbers from 1 to 39. To save time, use the Quick Pick option, allowing the computer to select random numbers for you. Please note that the minimum ticket price is $1. After the player chooses numbers, he waits for NY Take 5 results to be announced. Remember that you can try your luck by playing the New York Take 5 lottery seven days a week.

We recommend you to try your luck in this lottery because it is fast and the prizes in this lottery are attractive. To verify this, check out the payoff distribution table.

New York Take 5 Odds and Prizes

Category Match Odds Prize
1 5 1 in 575,757 $62,852
2 4 1 in 3,386 $469
3 3 1 in 102 $23
4 2 1 in 9 $1

How to Check Your Ticket

There are several ways to find out the latest New York Take 5 results. You can watch the live broadcast of the draw on TV or find NY Take 5 winning numbers in local newspapers and magazines. In addition, the latest NY Take 5 results can be found on lottery websites, TheLotter is one of them.

How Prizes are Paid

Winning of the New York Take 5 lottery must be claimed within one year from the date of the draw. After this period, you lose the right to your winnings.

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