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Each gambler coming to the casino understands that it is possible not only to win a fortune but also to lose even more without reaching the original goal. The desire to recoup is inherent in every person and so, for you to remember the danger of losing composure, we bring to your attention the biggest winnings and losses in Las Vegas.

Archie Karas came from Greece in December 1992 to Vegas with only $50 in his pocket. In six months, he won $17 million, which by the beginning of 1995 had turned into $40 million, playing baccarat, billiards, craps, and poker. But by the middle of the same 1995, in three weeks, he lost almost all the money won during that time. When the loss reached 20 million dollars, Archie switched to craps and lost another 17 million dollars. He returned to Greece with a sum of $12 million, but soon he moved back to Las Vegas where, in less than a month, he lost all his money, saving only $1 million from his huge bankroll. He doubled that last million in the Bicycle Club and then lost all his money by making huge bets on baccarat and craps in a couple of days.

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Golden Nugget
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2 Caesar's Palace
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3 Mandalay Bay
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4 Silver Sevens
$30-60 Avg. Room Rates View Deals

Omar Siddick, the former top manager at Fry’s Electronics, earned $225,000 a year and has lost $8 million in one day. As it turned out, it was not his biggest loss in the casino. In general, the 43-year-old businessman lost $167 million dollars in ten years. US casinos allowed him to play in debt, even when he had amassed huge millions of debt notes. Desperate Siddik organized an underground company through which he conducted fraudulent transactions selling electronics of the company where he worked officially. Illegal activities brought him millions of dollars kickbacks. The underground company brought him about $65.6 million, which he lost in gambling. The casino managers claimed that they did not know about the origin of this money and considered Omar to be just a high roller, a millionaire businessman playing at the highest bets. His favorite was a blackjack bet of $200,000 dollars per hand. Any casino in the world wants to get such a player. Managers flew him to any city on private jets from Las Vegas and provided free luxury apartments for settling, gave millions of dollars in credit and content themselves with his receipt. There is an opinion that many casinos corrupt major players by encouraging their gambling addiction, lending millions in loans, increasing debt that could lead a player to jail or forced to steal. Omar Siddick ended with 140 years in prison; he was charged with 9 counts, in particular with fraud and money laundering. In addition, he still has to pay huge casino debts.

Terrence Wattanabe, an American businessman, is considered the biggest loser in the gambling world. He lost $205 million in Las Vegas casinos in just one year. Terence did not have enough money to pay his debts with gaming establishments. He began to cheat with checks in order to pay off the debt of almost 15 million dollars. He was exposed and, as a result, he also found himself in the dock.

Ashley Revell, an Englishman, 32, once decided to try his luck in Vegas. After losing all his savings, he took a table to play roulette at the Plaza Hotel Casino. Ashley placed all the money, $135,000, on red. We must say, that Ashley flew to Vegas not alone but accompanied by his friends and his family members, and this whole Ashley fan club held its breath when the ball began its movement along the roulette wheel. Revell really made the whole show out of roulette, in particular, he made a bet not at random but had previously asked fans in his home country what color he should bet on. However, he was lucky: the ball stopped on the red seven and Ashley doubled his money.

In 2003, a software developer from Los Angeles visited Vegas well. The guy decided to watch a basketball game in the capital of the gambling world. During the break, he went to the local casino and played the Megabucks slot. Thus, one of the largest winnings in the entire history of the casino was obtained at a bet of less than $100. Under the state law, the winnings will be paid to the lucky one for 25 years, one and a half million dollars annually.

Elmer Shervin from the USA also hit the Megabucks slot jackpot. In 1989, he won $5 million in Las Vegas. He spent the entire winnings on travel, and, after nearly 16 years, he again won $21 million in the same slot! It's hard to believe, but this is a fact. In fact, the guy provided not only himself for the rest of his life, but also his family.

Kerry Parker, Australia, one of the most famous modern players, set a record loss in the UK. He extremely unsuccessfully visited London casino Crockford and in three weeks lost 28 million dollars. But such a loss did not discourage the record holder from gambling, and he continues to waste money in the world's best casinos. But it can be understood, in 1997 he was lucky and took away from Las Vegas $20 million gain.

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