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Wheel of Fortune Slot Review

The magic of the Las Vegas casinos is not that there you can win a lot of money. The magic is that how exactly you can win a lot of money. For example, you can bet on a roulette a million dollars for red and win a million dollars. Not bad, but you can bet one dollar on the slot and also win a million-dollar jackpot. Of course, jackpot odds are much lower. So, the more pleasant is the prize!

Another story with a huge jackpot hit in slots of Las Vegas. And not one story, but two at once! It became known that at once two players in different places played on the Wheel of Fortune slot and both hit the big jackpot. One of the lucky ones who played in the establishment of Arizona, Charlie's Decatur, bet a dollar and hit the jackpot in the amount of $1,670,000. Great luck! The second win happened at the casino Wynn Las Vegas on the famous boulevard, where the player bet 25 cents, got into the bonus game Triple Hot Ice and won $343,000.

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Rank Casino/Hotel Details Booking
Mandalay Bay
$150-300 Avg. Room Rates View Deals
2 Golden Nugget
$50-100 Avg. Room Rates View Deals
3 Stratosphere
$40-80 Avg. Room Rates View Deals
4 Santa Fe Station
$50-100 Avg. Room Rates View Deals

A lot of money, by the way. And the casino owners are very happy for the players. Why? They do have to part with big money, don't they? No, they don't. Such huge winnings are the best advertising for casinos, and it does not matter, real slots or slots in online casinos. Big winnings news stimulates players to play even more, even more often. All are firmly convinced that if someone is lucky with a dollar bet, then they will be lucky too. It often happens: players are inspired by someone's success, they play more and quite unexpectedly win. It is well known that the overwhelming majority of jackpots are hit by beginners, but not by professional players who spend years at gaming tables and slots.

By the way, the progressive jackpot is very convenient for the casino advertising campaign. The matter is that the winning pool of the progressive jackpot for months and sometimes for years is formed by the players themselves by contributing a certain percentage from each of their bets and from each of their losses. So, in essence, the casino does not lose its money. The accumulated amount is redistributed from the pockets of millions of players into the pocket of the one. There is some poetic justice in this story!

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