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Lotto (New York) Lottery Review

The New York Lottery is one of the biggest, most popular and most certainly is one of the oldest lotteries. This lottery was originally started in 1967 after the local residents approved in 1966 the creation of this state lottery and forced the lottery founders to promise that part of the proceeds is to be sent to the education support fund.

Since 1967, thousands of people have won the lottery prizes and the lottery founders have allocated $34 billion in support of the local educational infrastructure. The New York Lottery boasts the highest sales of the lottery tickets compared to other US state lotteries. In 1978, the New York State Lottery introduced the NY Lotto game and, in the very first draw, a quarter-million-dollar jackpot was won. In the article, we tell you more about this lottery and also you can check out the NY Lotto ticket.

The New York Lotto is the official lottery of the New York state and regularly pays out huge jackpots. In September 1983, the organizers announced a decision to increase the number of The New York Lotto draws up to two times a week and also to increase the prize money. The initial amount of the jackpot in The New York Lottery is $2,000,000 and this prize increases with each draw, provided that none guesses the winning combination in the current draw.

The NY Lottery is part of the statewide lottery consortium that runs the Mega Millions game and offers many other games including the Powerball game (since January 31, 2010), The New York Lottery Sweet Million, Take 5, Numbers, Win 4, Quick Draw, Pick 10 and a varied number of games with strikeouts, as well as the first state lottery — the New York Lotto, which we discuss in detail below.

How it Works

The NY Lottо uses a 6/59 matrix. This means that potential winners must select 6 balls from 1 to 59. If your 6 numbers match the result of the draw, then you become the winner of the jackpot prize. Moreover, The NY Lottо plays the seventh ball, the Bonus Ball, which determines the winner of the second prize category.

To win the second category prize, you must guess 5 numbers out of 6 plus a bonus ball. The Quick Pick option will save your time, like the Lucky Deep in the UK National Lottery and in EuroMillions, this program automatically generates 6 numbers. If the jackpot was not won in the current draw, then the sum of the first prize pool is added to the jackpot amount in the next draw.

The NY Lotto is not inferior in terms of popularity to the games like Mega Millions and Powerball. By the way, the Mega Millions consortium, the owners of the Mega Millions, as well as the Multi-State Lottery (MUSL) association, the owners of the Powerball, have signed a contract that extends throughout the United States. The essence of the agreement lies in the fact that all retail outlets in the US that were previously engaged in selling Mega Millions tickets are now eligible to sell Powerball tickets. That is, starting from January 31, 2010, all Mega Millions players got the opportunity to purchase Powerball tickets as well. However, you always have the opportunity to purchase tickets online on the TheLotter website, regardless of your location.

Who Can Play

Previously, only local residents were allowed to participate in US lotteries: this also applied to the NY Lotto, since the ticket could only be purchased from sellers located in New York. Since the online ticket purchasing services appeared on the Internet, the situation has changed and now you have the opportunity to buy a ticket online wherever you are in the world. This is great news for those who live outside of New York or the United States but want to participate in the NY Lotto or check out the lottery results. But you must be 18+ years old to have the right to purchase a ticket of one of the state lotteries of New York, including the NY Lotto.

NY Lottо Odds and Prize Table

Category Match Odds
1 6 1 in 45,057,474
2 5 + Bonus Ball 1 in 7,509,579
3 5 1 in 144,415
4 4 1 in 2,180
5 3 1 in 96

Lotto odds are not great when compared to the other lotteries around the world, but definitely higher than in Mega Millions and Powerball. The chance to guess all 6 numbers and win the jackpot is 1 to 45.05 million. You have a 1 to 7.50 million chance to win a second category prize. The probability of winning a prize in the third category is 1 to 144 thousand, and in the fourth category, your chances dramatically increase to 1 to 2179. You can really get lucky in the fifth category where the odds of winning are 1 to 96.

How to Check Your Ticket

You can check the winning numbers by watching the rally on TV, which is broadcasted every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:21 pm local time (WABC, TV channel 7). Moreover, the results of the draws are available on the TheLotter website.

Record Jackpots

We were looking for information on the query "The New York lottery winners", and this is what we managed to find out. On May 31, 1997, the biggest jackpot of $72 million dollars was won, the prize was divided between 4 winners. The second largest jackpot was won on June 30, 2007, by Degley Martinez of Queens. The $58 million jackpot won in May 2004 was the biggest win from one ticket at the time and the third highest win in the entire history of the New York Lotto.

On May 12, 1984, the jackpot of 22.1 million was divided between 4 participants. In 1985, the jackpot amount was $41 million and was divided between three tickets. The owners of one of the tickets were 21 employees of the plant in Mount Vernon. In January 1986, Pascal Consalvo of Staten Island was the lucky winner of the $30.5 million prize. In December 1988, the New York Lotto jackpot increased from $26 million to $45 million after none had guessed the winning numbers in the first draw. In the next draw, the owners of 12 tickets guessed the winning numbers. On February 22, 1989, The New York Lottery paid out $26.9 million to the single jackpot winner.

How Prizes are Paid

Check your NY Lotto ticket: maybe today you are the next millionaire? Having won the jackpot prize in the New York Lotto, you have the opportunity to choose a way to get the win. You can receive a prize in one piece at once or get the money in parts annually. Winners must decide on how they receive the prize within 60 days. The annual bonuses are paid for 26 years or more.

Increase in Annual Payments

The annual payments in this American lottery are different from the annual payments of other lotteries. The fact is that the winners receive money from the New York Lotto not in equal parts but with an annual increase in the amount. If you decide to take the prize in the form of a lump sum cash payment, the payout amount is 50% of the winning amount. If you play online, then you may not worry about anything, because the ticket sales agency will settle all the formalities for getting the win.

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