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The main goal of every Las Vegas visitor is gambling. There is a huge number of casinos in this city. As soon as you get off the plane, you can see the slots. Vegas a sort of reminds you with these slots of the true purpose of your visit.

In 1931, Nevada legalized gambling and the history of legal gambling in the USA began. Until that time, Las Vegas was a shabby sleepy town in the Mojave Desert, and, after the decree, the city turned into the world capital of entertainment bringing huge profits to the state every year.

There are more than 120 casinos here, and total number of slots in the city is more than 200,000. You can meet there the most diverse slots: with large and small screens, with Elvis Presley, Egyptian pharaohs or cartoon characters, Chinese snakes or flower butterflies, from 15 cents per spin to 3-5 dollars and above. You can also try your luck with playing poker or roulette.

It is worth going to any Vegas casino only to at look at the design, for example, in the Circus Circus Casino Hotel, in the separate sector of slot machines, the floor rotates like a carousel. In the Circus, there are even children's slots where a kid can win a toy. By the way, pay attention to the omnipresent patterned carpet, you could have noticed it in the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie. I do not know what the essence of the patterns and colors of the carpet, but it is found in every casino. If you know this secret then share it in the comments.

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A Bit of History

Not many people know that the oldest casinos of the city are located not on the Strip, but in the historic downtown, that is at Fremont Street. The first casino opened here in 1940 and has not survived until today, it was called El Rancho Vegas. In 1946, a casino hotel Flamingo was built with the money of the mafia. The creators wanted to build a single complex where visitors could stay for the night and play. It was a great idea. In the middle of the 20th century, other popular casinos such as Sahara, Riviera, Tropicana, Binion’s Horseshoe were also built with the money of the mafia.

The oldest operating casino hotels at Fremont Street that have survived are Golden Nugget, 4 Queens, Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel. They have their own special energy and atmosphere that is different from modern hotels on the Strip. I do not know how to explain it, but you will feel.

Tips for Travelers

A mandatory rule for all players to be over 21 years. Casino security can easily come to you and check the documents. When my friends and I first visited the casinos of Vegas, we had little understanding of the game’s intricacies and slots’ rules. Nick was the most experienced player in our company, but he was only 19 then. He told us what to do, and the casino security twice approached our company and warned that if he touched the slot again, he would be driven out of the room. Thus, minors can go to the casino, but playing is strictly prohibited. Although, you can risk and try.

In the game rooms, you can smoke and drink alcohol. There are no windows in Las Vegas casinos, and this was done intentionally. Time flies here, and there is no difference between daytime and night. All casinos are open around the clock seven days a week and all the year round. You can cash out your winnings or those chips that you have not yet lost. Some people often win, but we have never personally seen someone hit the jackpot. It was easy for us to believe that all modern slots are combined into a single network and controlled by a computer, so our winnings or losses depend on how people play behind the next slot. But, of course, your Luck is also very important.

How to Drink for Free

Any Las Vegas hotel is keen to delay its visitors to the casino as long as possible. One of these methods is free alcoholic beverages. In every casino at the Strip or Fremont Street you can see female waitresses in candid outfits who take orders for free alcohol. For courtesy, you should leave a 1-2-dollar tip for a girl. You can order a beer, wine, whiskey-cola, gin-and-tonic. Portions of free alcohol are very small, and sometimes, it takes about 15 minutes to wait for the coveted glass of beer, but you will save some money.

For comparison, in the hotel’s Monte Carlo bar, gin-and-tonic costs $10. Our company preferred waiting and free cocktails. Many acts like that: they sit at the slot and very slowly press its buttons waiting for the next waitress to come. Girls accept the order only if you play, this is the main condition, in addition to 21+ age, of course. That is probably why charming ladies with alcohol drinks are in no hurry to fulfill an order: while you wait, you play and spend money in the casino. By the way, each waitress has her own specific service area, like in a restaurant. Poker tables are served separately.

Room full on slot machines, Las Vegas

Number of Slots in Las Vegas

I was interested to know how many of them, so I searched through the official websites of the Stripe hotels and, as a result, I got an interesting figure. Bellagio is leading, of course. Everyone should go inside this hotel and its casino. The territory of this casino hotel is large and well-groomed, and our company even managed to win a little there.

  • Bellagio — 1915 slots and 189 gaming tables
  • MGM Grand — 1700 slots and 163 gaming tables
  • Mandalay Bay — 1700 slots and 120 gaming tables
  • Paris — 1,700 slots and 94 gaming tables
  • New York New York — 1500 slots and 67 gaming tables
  • Monte Carlo — 1500 slots and 59 gaming tables
  • Treasure Island — 1500 slots and 58 gaming tables
  • The Cosmopolitan — 1478 slots and 89 game tables
  • Excalibur — 1,400 slots and 60 gaming tables
  • Circus Circus — 1400 slots and 44 gaming tables
  • Caesars Palace — 1370 slots and 240 gaming tables
  • Flamingo — 1350 slot s and 149 gaming tables
  • Luxor — 1300 slots and 72 gaming tables
  • The Venetian — 1247 slots and 198 gaming tables
  • Tropicana — 819 slots and 43 game tables
  • Stratosphere — 800 slots and 54 gaming tables

On Fremont Street, numbers are dropping:

  • Four Queens — 1026 slots and 27 gaming tables
  • Golden Nugget — 971 slots and 63 gaming tables
  • Binion’s — 800 slots and 40 gaming tables

In addition, small casino bars can be found all over the city where there can be only a couple of dozen slots (for example, Loose Caboose Saloon — 20 slots, Mob Bar — 16 slots).

In conclusion, I want to say that you do not need to strive to win the jackpot and a huge stack of green pieces of paper to fill the wallet. The process of the game itself is also very interesting and exciting. This is Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, how can you resist gambling entertainment? Good luck!

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