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Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the planet, a city built in the desert, Nevada, and absorbed all the vanity and love of Americans for everything gigantic and large-scale. It’s the most immense, expensive, deepest, highest… The largest city of Nevada, the largest gold bar, the highest singing fountains, the largest bottle of Coca-Cola… This is a city that amazes with its magnificence, size, number of amazing casinos, lifestyle, Hollywood entertainment scale.

Las Vegas is often called Sin City. Everything here has to ensure that you quickly start spending your money in numerous casinos and continue to do so as long as possible. You do not have time to get hungry because caring waitresses will bring you the most delicious food and elite drinks in time, and all the staff and the dealer are happy with you to any of your winnings.

So that nothing distracts you from an exciting game, the casino does not have windows and wall clocks, because you don’t need to know how much time you’ve spent in this place losing your savings and trying to catch luck. Lucky players hit jackpots, and losers get empty bank accounts and some vague memories of a carefree time in the capital of Sin.

But in addition to avid players, Las Vegas attracts many tourists, for it has something to show besides casinos and slots. Actually, this article is devoted to the tourist attractions of Las Vegas, not gambling sites.

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Las Vegas History

Before visiting Las Vegas, please kindly familiarize yourself in advance with the history of the city and its attractions.

The history of this city began in 1829 when a lost caravan stopped in an oasis in the middle of the desert. The name of the city, Las Vegas, literally translates as "floodplain meadows." The rebirth of the city took place when this small place was made a place for refueling locomotives traveling on the route Salt Lake City — Los Angeles. For some reason, the official date of birth of the city is May 15, 1905, although Las Vegas by this time was already quite a large and saturated with saloons and casinos.

But the city was not popular with travelers until, in the middle of the 20th century, a roadside hotel with a casino didn’t appear on the road so that people staying at the hotel had something to do during their holidays. It is from this point that begins the third major revival of Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world.

Interesting Places of the City

The well-being of this city firmly rests on three pillars — Game, Entertainment, and Restaurants. Almost like in Atlantic City. In this city, even at night, it is as bright as day due to the huge amount of advertising lights. Above the city hovers the spirit of romance, adventurism, excitement.

The main street of Las Vegas is the Strip where the largest, colossal and best hotels and casinos in the world are located (17 of the 20 largest hotels in the world). It is the capital of entertainment. The best singers, dance shows consider it a great honor to perform under the arches of casino hotels. For many guests, a huge choice of services is provided: starting with a helicopter tour and ending with a limousine service.

What should tourists pay attention to during their trip to Las Vegas? Start exploring the city with the best hotels in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas Casinos

Flamingo Hotel. Today, the hotel does not make much of an impression, although in the recent past it was the jewel of Las Vegas. This casino hotel is a dream come true for the famous gangster Bugsy Siegel. He even supervised himself every show staged at this hotel. Each show was supposed to stun the audience with the scale and luxury of the action unfolding on the stage. Bugsy Seagal himself designed the exterior of the hotel and insisted that a real grove is planted in front of the main entrance, for this purpose it was necessary to specially deliver fertile soil. According to his plan, in front of the hotel, the workers dug up ponds and then brought there and settled graceful flamingos. Bugsy Seagal literally life laid for his dream.

Seagal’s companions in the construction of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino were very famous at that time gangsters, and the quarrel with them did not pass without consequences. Yet perseverance and faith in the dream really turned Las Vegas from an unknown dusty hole of the Far West into that modern city which is now known to the whole world.

Lucky Luciano became interested in a luxury hotel in the middle of the desert and this predetermined the fate of Bugsy Segal. Soon after, Bugsy Segal was shot dead in his own house (Los Angeles). Oddly enough, Seagal’s tragic death benefited the Flamingo Hotel and Casino because it caused a stir in the press, many rushed to Las Vegas to see the hotel which caused the death of the famous gangster.

Next to Flamingo is located the famous Sahara Casino Hoterl, not so long ago this African-style hotel was considered the highest on the Strip. The construction of this hotel marked the beginning of a new trend in interior design. In addition, in 1964, the legendary Beatles took part in some entertainment programs of this casino. Sahara is the first in the history of gambling chic casino opened its doors to members of other races (blacks). Sahara is considered to be the best casino in Las Vegas.

Luxor Casino fascinates tourists with its magnificence. The fact is that this hotel is designed as a pyramid of ancient Egypt, inside of which there is a masterfully executed copy of Tutankhamun’s tomb. The dimensions of this hotel are impressive. At night, from the top of the structure, a powerful beam of light shines vertically upwards, which, according to the booklet taken at the restaurant’s reception, it can be seen even from outer space. In addition, the Luxor Hotel is known for its original IMAX cinema.


The roller coaster is a unique structure, one of the most fascinating sights of Las Vegas, located among the tightly located mini-copies of the most famous skyscrapers of New York (this place is often called the "New York Island"). This is a pretty crazy entertainment, which is probably why the natives believe that it was invented by the Russians.

This mini New York is very beautiful at night, the roller coaster itself is not visible then as it is located at a height of several floors. But if you throw back your head and listen, thanks to the noise, heart-rending squeals and screams, you will be able to see the trailers with enthusiastic passengers rushing at great speed. Personally, I watched as the trailer made a loop, spinning around its axis, and decided that such entertainment was not for me. Nice and fun, but I prefer the Ugly Coyote bar nearby. This is also a very famous place, by the way.

Bellagio Casino Hotel

Bellagio and Mirage Casino Hotels

The Bellagio Casino Hotel is five minutes away by bus from mini New York, there are two (Le Cirque and Picasso) of the three best restaurants in Las Vegas.

Near the hotel, be sure to stop and admire the singing fountains — a unique and grand spectacle. To the sound of musical compositions (classical and modern), the water extravaganza from more than a thousand fountains is synchronized not only with music but also with light — every 15 minutes a new amazing show. Enjoy this chic spectacle from different angles to fully experience the magnificence of the Bellagio singing fountains. There are two viewing platforms: one near the poolside and the second is near the adjacent Paris Casino Hotel (you know how it looks). You will get unforgettable impressions.

Bellagio is famous not only for its singing fountains and fine restaurants but also for its art museum (entrance fee is only 12 dollars). The museum presents works by famous masters: Goya, Picasso, Degas, and others.

Many tourists call the Mirage Hotel a unique Las Vegas gem in which white tigers quietly walk in a real tropical forest with waterfalls, a pool with dolphins, a sea lagoon, and in front of the hotel rises an artificial volcano that erupts flame at nightfall.

Venice Casino Hotel. This Venice is located in the heart of Las Vegas. This eco-hotel is built in the Baroque style, the hotel occupies a huge area, around the complex, an artificial water channel has been dug through which you can float on a gondola to the songs of a gondolier.

Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel. Personally, Mandalay Bay seemed to be the most grandiose, stylish and delightful structure of Las Vegas. Mandalay Bay is famous for its topless pool (Attention! Paid entrance for men), and the hotel is known for its incredible underwater tunnel of glass around which sharks calmly swim, and “golden” crocodiles, and stonefish (the most poisonous fish on Earth), and others representatives of aquatic fauna. It offers a large beach (4.5 hectares). Mandalay Bay is the best value for money in Las Vegas! Guests of the Mandalay Bay Hotel get more entertainment for the same money than in any other place in Las Vegas. Please note that the registration of trips to Las Vegas on last-minute tours can help you significantly save on the cost of hotel accommodation, where everything is included.

Las Vegas SDX Express Train


Transport movement is carried out in two versions: DEUCE buses and SDX express trains, purchased tickets are valid for both options. Note! DEUCE bus makes more stops, so it goes much slower than SDX.

How much is a ticket and where to get it? It is possible to buy a ticket for an indefinite number of trips for two hours for $6 in special machines, which never give out change. For this reason, tourists exchange large banknotes in specially installed change machines in any casino. A monorail road almost 6 km long was laid around the Strip. The train moves along it at an altitude of 8 meters, which in addition to the transport function also carries a tourist, sightseeing one. The train stops only near the largest casino hotels on the Strip.

Inside these institutions, all the most interesting things happen in the city, so you probably wonder how much the entrance costs? The entrance to the first floor is free because the casinos are always located on the first floor, and therefore it does not make sense to charge entrance fees from potential casino customers. In Las Vegas, all for the sake of casino visitors.

From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

On the map with the sights of Las Vegas, it is indicated that there are famous national parks around the entertainment capital, of which the Grand Canyon park is particularly popular. It’s impossible to visit Las Vegas without touring the Grand Canyon. You can take a long look at the photos or read the description of this unique creation of nature, but it’s better to see all this with your own eyes, once you are in Las Vegas.

You can get to the park by car: rent a car, on a rented vehicle, follow a certain route — south from Las Vegas on 93 highways to 40 highways in the east and to Highway 64. The park is located at a distance of 400 km from the city, so the trip will take 4-5 hours. Air flight: Papillon Airways makes regular flights to the Grand Canyon from Boulder City; Flight time is 30 minutes.

By helicopter: a helicopter tour can be bought in Las Vegas, but the price of the tour is between 300-1000 dollars per passenger. The price depends on the sightseeing tour you select.

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