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Which city is considered a paradise for gamblers? Of course, it is Las Vegas. Monte Carlo and London are also good, but Las Vegas remains out of the competition. In fact, the name of this city has already become a brand and symbolizes the realm of luxury casinos. People go to Sin-City to spend money, dine in fashionable restaurants, spend the night in expensive hotels and, of course, play in the best casinos, the number of which is simply amazing. In addition, each casino hotel can be regarded as a real work of art because the best designers of the world were engaged in the decoration of the halls.

Las Vegas is the best vacation for gambling people, not cheap, but very attractive. Naturally, everyone has the opportunity to pay back the trip and even more if he or she hits the progressive jackpot in any Las Vegas casino.

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Rank Casino/Hotel Details Booking
The Orleans
$60-120 Avg. Room Rates View Deals
2 Mandalay Bay
$150-300 Avg. Room Rates View Deals
3 The D
$30-60 Avg. Room Rates View Deals
4 Main Street Station
$40-80 Avg. Room Rates View Deals

All you need is luck. Large bets are not needed. As an example, we will tell you the story of Cynthia Jay. She worked as a waitress at a restaurant in Las Vegas and after a working day decided to try her luck at the casino. Cynthia did not have the task to win money, she just wanted to relax after a hard day’s work. She decided to spend $27 on entertainment because on the 27th she met her boyfriend. And she was fabulously lucky. Cynthia won a huge progressive jackpot, the sum of which was almost 35 million US dollars!

At that time, it was the biggest win in the history of slots and among other casino gambling games. However, there are many luck stories. Las Vegas attracts people of all generations and ages.

An elderly woman from Los Angeles decided to celebrate her 74th birthday at a casino, why not? She immediately exchanged her small bankroll of $170 into chips to play a slot. The game was going on as usual and, suddenly, the jackpot was highlighted on the screen. The elderly woman was very glad, she thought that she won 22 thousand dollars, and then she looked more attentively and found out that she hit the jackpot of 22 million dollars. That elderly lady lost her consciousness due to an excess of feelings, but everything ended well.

It is worth noting that Las Vegas often have to pay large amounts of winnings. It took quite a bit of time since the day the elderly lady hit the jackpot and here was again the record hit. A young man on his way to his relatives decided to take some time off at the casino. He put only 3 dollars and hit the progressive jackpot even more than the lucky old woman did. The sum of the jackpot was almost 40 million dollars, and, up today, it is a record gain slot machines.

It is such random winnings that attract people to Vegas casinos, it is such huge amounts that they see behind the brilliance of neon advertising. Everybody wants to win a progressive jackpot the amount of which far exceeds the maximum possible gain in any particular slot.

The progressive jackpot is a total win-win fund that grows with each wager of each player. In large Las Vegas casinos, all slot machines are often combined into a single network, and the progressive jackpot gradually grows with each bet in the slots of this network. Accordingly, you can win this jackpot on any slot of this network.

The principle of the progressive jackpot is used not only in Las Vegas casinos but also in numerous online casinos where you can access from anywhere in the world. Online casinos are websites that host game programs mimicking popular slots, as well as roulette, blackjack, poker, and many other popular gambling games.

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Progressive Jackpots in Online Casinos

Just like in a land-based casino, the amount of progressive jackpot increases with each bet, and hundreds of thousands of people around the world hourly make these bets in online casinos. Not surprisingly, the progressive jackpot online growth rate is very high. A special combination of symbols in these slots means the jackpot winning. Of course, such a combination of characters is rare, but still sometimes appears on the screen because all the results are controlled by the RNG.

Also, some online casinos allow video poker fans to try their luck in the pursuit of the jackpot. In this case, the player hits the jackpot thanks to the Royal Flash combination (a sequence of cards of the same suit from ace to ten).

Online casinos are deservedly popular among players because they allow you to play without leaving your own home. One of the largest and most frequently visited online casinos is Casino.com.

Casino.com Software is developed by a world-renowned casino games provider — PlayTech. This gives visitors a guarantee of honesty and reliability. By the way, all slot machines are also controlled by computer programs, not by mechanics, so do not worry that online casinos can fool a player because the program always fixed with a certain possibility of winning.

Today, Casino.com offers its visitors 200+ games for all tastes and wishes, ranging from classic three-reels single-line slots to various versions of roulette and poker. Ten slots in this casino give you the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. Since online casinos operate in dozens of countries at once and the progressive jackpot is replenished from all bets made on these slots, the amount grows not by the day but by the hour.

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Progressive jackpots in online casinos are never worth millions of dollars, unlike they are in land-based casinos. Still, the Web is the Web, but if you want to try to win a truly astronomical amount of money, then you'd better save money for a trip to Las Vegas. Brick-and-mortar casinos have their advantages. In addition to the high winnings, they give something that no virtual gambling website of the world can provide, namely, the extraordinary atmosphere of general excitement and adrenaline.

But those who so far have no opportunity to visit the capital of the gambling world personally, enjoy visiting numerous online casinos, such as Casino.com and many, many others. Big winnings, regular and progressive jackpots — all this can be won online if you really try and believe in your luck. And then you will have the means and the opportunity to see with your own eyes a luxurious Las Vegas and try to catch luck in the huge gaming halls of Sin-City.

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