Jackpot — a Dream of Millions, or Everything You Want to Know About It

Jackpot — a Dream of Millions, or Everything You Want to Know About It

“Jackpot”… mmm… Feel the sweet taste of this word? A Jackpot is the subject of dreams and expectations, a jackpot stirs the minds and blood of all gamblers. But what do we really know about the super prize, except that millions of players dream of it? Let's see…

A Little Bit of History

According to most historians, “a jackpot” along with gambling first appeared in the ancient China. In Europe, the first mention of gambling dates back to the XIV century, and by the XIX, casinos were already massively spread everywhere and changed to the modern form, the jackpot also underwent changes.

Fact: Do you know that the word "jackpot" came from poker? They say that earlier there was a rule in poker: if none of the participants had two jacks on their hands, the amount of the bets that made up the total bank increased. That is, "jack" plus "pot" equals "jackpot".

So, what does the jackpot represent? This is a super prize, the amount of which is either strictly fixed or increases from a draw to a draw until someone wins this super prize. There are lots of places where you can win the jackpot – these are lotteries, slots, bingo, and even roulette.

Variety of Gambling


Italy is considered the birthplace of this game, where bingo appeared in the 16th century and resembled a lottery at that time. Gradually, the game was transformed into a modern version. The total winnings in bingo, that is the jackpot, are all the players' bets. But there are exceptions: at some halls, participants compete for a fixed amount of the prize fund. In bingo, there is not one winning combination, but, as a rule, several.

Fact: The biggest win in Bingo is $133,639. This win is owned by Dorothy Black, Olympia, Washington (USA). She always wanted to hit the jackpot but did not assume that her name would go down in the Bingo history book.


The lottery first appeared in Egypt, in the era of the pharaohs and pyramids. Those lotteries in which we are pleased to participate today have many differences from each other, but all of them are united by the jackpot availability. You can get it only if all winning combinations are in the same playing field. The lottery jackpot amount can reach several million dollars.


In some forms of this card game, there is also a super prize. The jackpot is formed by the players' bets and the player with the strongest hand wins it. In video poker, the same rules apply, except for the fact that no additional bets are made and only those who play with the maximum bet can win the jackpot.


This is where the real variety of jackpots are! In each casino, there are several dozens of slot machines, which today are involved in the development and modification of the "main prize" conception.

Jackpot Variations

In many gambling games (such as lottery, bingo), the opportunity to win the jackpot is determined by “lucky star”, luck, fortune, that is, the player can only purchase a ticket but no more. In other games, like poker, the player assesses the situation and makes a decision, that is, he actively influences his chances of the “super prize” winning, which also depend on his level of professionalism.

Today, the most popular games are those where there is a progressive jackpot, the size of which increases with each game until the moment a lucky winner wins the full amount. After the next win, the jackpot either starts from scratch or starts with a fixed amount, which is set by the establishment owners.

As a rule, the highest progressive jackpots are accumulating in online casinos, because there the slots are interconnected into a wide network, which can combine up to tens of thousands of slots. And each spin adds to the progressive jackpot amount. The progressive jackpot also exists in lotteries, some varieties of poker and other types of games.

Fixed jackpots are arranged differently: according to the rules of the draw, the winner gets a specific amount, and neither the number of players nor the number of the draw stages does not affect the super prize sum. The fixed jackpot, although less popular these days, is also in demand. So, lovers of traditional slots and bingo know that if they win, they will receive a fixed amount of money as a super prize.


If you decide to try your luck and take part in the jackpot draw, then first ask whether it is a fixed or a progressive jackpot. This will help you decide on a strategy. Although skeptics believe that it is impossible to win the jackpot, almost every day someone hits a jackpot, so it reduces their statements to nothing. Maybe you are the next lucky person!

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