Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

Ancient Rome was the most powerful civilization that influenced the whole world history. Even the simple mention of the Roman Empire greatness causes admiration and excitement among modern people. What is the connection between casinos and ancient Rome, you ask? You would know the answer by visiting Caesar’s Palace, but if you don’t have such an opportunity, then we are happy to be your guide and tell you about the advantages of this casino.

A Bit of History

Caesar’s Palace Casino Hotel in Las Vegas is a unique place where everyone can plunge into the world of gambling and feel like a Roman Caesar.

Jay Sarno had long dreamed of building a unique and inimitable entertainment center. An enterprising businessman was not afraid to take a loan of $35 million from the Central State Pension Fund of America and in 1962 broke into the realization of his dream. Jay believed that the grand building should have an impressive and European name and after much deliberation, Sarno stopped at Caesar’s Palace. However, some people believed that the construction of an entertainment center with a European slant was a mistake, that such an adventure in the middle of the American desert would inevitably lead Sarno to bankruptcy already at the construction stage. But Jay’s cheeky idea justified itself and he managed to change the public vision of how an American casino should look like.

In 1965, the 14-story Caesar’s Palace was inaugurated, but the construction of the unique entertainment center did not stop there. Until 2009, Palace continued to be built and developed. Today it is a complex of buildings with skyscrapers, a shopping center, and even its own Coliseum. The decoration of all buildings mirrors the elements of the architecture of the ancient Rome. Visitors are fascinated by the beauty of fountains, columns, statues, Roman temples. Today, Caesar’s Palace is considered to be a marvel of modern architecture.

Caesar’s Palace Hall

Walk with Caesar

Wanna feel like a citizen of the world state of gambling? Then you exactly here! The refined antique style in the palace is observed in every detail: from thematic design solutions to the sensitive attitude to visitors. Each client is met not by Caesar himself and his beloved Cleopatra.

By the way, to cheer up yourself and those around you, you can welcome the host as a Roman: Ave, Caesar!

People from all over the world come to Caesar’s Palace. The hotel-casino favorably differs itself in luxury, refinement and the schooled personnel who appear before guests in the image of a centurion or a gladiator, girls in togas — such an environment allows clients to dissolve into the Roman chic.

The hotel has more than three thousand rooms, many restaurants, swimming pools and even a chapel for wedding.

The management of the hotel remembers that customers demand "spectacles and bread" and tries to satisfy these requests as completely as possible. Therefore, restaurants and bars are ready to satisfy any gastronomic tastes of their customers. Visitors can taste French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American cuisines, within the Palace.

Caesar’s Palace famous for holding bright stellar events: the world famous Coliseum was built for the performance of Celine Dion, but there were also shows of Elton John, Cher, and others celebrities. Even the US President Barack Obama, along with Shirley Crowe and Bette Midler, spoke at the Coliseum to support his friend and fellow senator Harry Reed during the election campaign.

Caesar’s Palace Casino

Caesar’s Palace is Unique

The bright originality of the casino is that customers can choose from a great variety of gambling games: craps, baccarat, poker, roulette, blackjack, spanish 21 etc. In short, it is truly a paradise and a dream for players! A huge number of tables in the casino pleases guests. Dealerss accepts bets, so everyone has a chance to hit the jackpot, not just watch a sporting event. By the way, it is in Caesar’s Palace that one of the most prestigious poker tournaments takes place — World Series of Poker (WSOP).

While parents win jackpots, children also do not get bored, because the casino rightfully has the status of a family entertainment center. Kids are led to various attractions, they see sharks in a huge aquarium and feed tropical fish. Owners of Caesar’s Palace managed to create excellent conditions for recreation, ideally combining antique luxury and a gambling area.

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