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Vikinglotto (Latvia) Lottery Review

Viking Lotto lottery was founded in 1993 by the lottery enterprises of five countries, namely Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. In 2000, Estonia joined the participating countries, making it possible to play larger cash prizes. Now Viking Lotto is organized by 8 participating countries, and the jackpot sums are incredible. Further, you can get acquainted with the latest results of this lottery, as well as learn the detailed rules for participation in Viking Lotto and much other useful information.

How Does it Work?

Viking Lotto lottery drawings are held every Wednesday in Hamar, Norway. On the same day, the latest Viking Lotto results are announced. Each player of this lottery is offered to choose 6 main numbers out of 48, as well as two additional numbers from the same pool. The main prize, the jackpot, is won by the participant who guessed all the major Viking Lotto winning numbers (6), the two additional numbers determine the winner exclusively in the second prize category.

Also, in this lottery, a special Lucky Number is played. If the Lucky Number matches one of the winning combination numbers, the participant receives an additional Lucky Number jackpot. In total, Viking Lotto has 5 prize categories.

It is worth noting, that the Viking Lotto lottery name has some differences depending on the country of the game. So, in Denmark, this lottery is called Onsdags Lotto or Onsdagslotto, which means “Lotto Wednesday”. In Iceland, the lottery is called Víkingalottó, and in Lithuania, it is called Vikingu Loto. Part of the lottery tickets’ sale proceeds remains in various local organizations in the eight countries. Denmark invests a large part of the money in the development of sports as well as in non-profit organizations for persons with disabilities. Finland donates funds to science, art, as well as to youth development programs.

Who Can Play

Thanks to Internet, anyone who has reached the age of eighteen has the opportunity to play this exciting lottery. If a player is outside of the official participating countries, it is absolutely not a problem, since anyone can purchase a Viking Lotto ticket online at one of the lottery websites, TheLotter for example.

Viking Lotto Odds and Prize Table

The overall odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 12,271,512. The chances of guessing 5 winning numbers out of 6 are 1 in 1,022,626, and the chances of winning in the third and fourth prize categories are 1 in 48,696 and 1 in 950 respectively. Below, you can see the table of this lottery prize categories. The amount of the prize does not depend on which winning numbers of Viking Lotto you guessed, but on the total number of matches:

Match Odds Prize
6 + Viking Ball 1 in 98,172,096 Jackpot (minimum €3 million)
6 1 in 14,024,585 Shared Prize
5 + Viking Ball 1 in 389,572 Country Specific
5 1 in 55,653 Country Specific
4 + Viking Ball 1 in 7,601 Country Specific
4 1 in 1,086 Country Specific
3 + Viking Ball 1 in 428 Country Specific
3 1 in 61 Country Specific
2 + Viking Ball 1 in 58 Country Specific
2 1 in 8 Country Specific

Recent Viking Lotto Results

Where can You find the results of the Viking Lotto? The latest results of Viking Lotto can be checked on the TheLotter website. Also, the results of Viking Lotto can be instantly found out in the live broadcast of the draw which takes place every Wednesday at 19:30 GMT, moreover, the results of the draws are announced on TV channels of the eight participating countries, radio stations and printed in newspapers.

Record Jackpots

The biggest jackpot of this lottery, NOK 216.12 million, was won by a Troms resident in May 2013. The second largest prize of the first category was won on January 18, 2012, 189.7 million crowns, the prize amount was divided between four lucky people from Norway. Viking Lotto winning numbers were like that: main numbers were 23, 25, 26, 31, 36, 45, Viking Lotto bonus numbers were 13 and 18, Lucky Number was 45. As we can see, Lucky Number matched one of the numbers in the main winning combination, due to which the amount of the main prize increased.

The next record jackpot was won by a man from Eustrheim, Norway. This time, the lucky winner managed to win a prize of NOK 63,243,500, which is approximately equal to 8.5 million euros. In August 2005, another large prize was won by a resident of Aarhus (Denmark) — DKK 48,221,393 (approximately €6.4 million). A resident of the small town of Shadsmu in 2010 won the huge jackpot of NOK 46,491,896, it’s about 6.2 million euros. On January 5, 2005, a resident of Denmark was lucky enough to win 42,205,648 Danish kroner, which is about 5.6 million euros. Viking Lotto jackpots are approximately €480,000 and higher because if none guesses 6 main winning numbers in a draw the prize amount is transferred to the next draw. In the same way, the special Lucky Number jackpot prize is transferred and also increases in size, which cannot but please the lotto players.

How Prizes are Paid

How can you get a prize if you, supposedly, checked the past and recent results of Viking Lotto and were lucky to guess all the winning Viking Lotto numbers or some of the winning combination numbers? All cash rewards are paid in a single amount. Winners must apply for the payment within one year after the draw, otherwise, the prize is canceled.

If a player purchased a ticket at a lottery kiosk in the territory of one of the participating countries, it is necessary to clarify the rules for receiving the prize, as there may be some differences depending on the country. However, if the ticket was purchased online on one of the verified lottery agents' websites, then all questions regarding the payment of prizes are assumed by the representatives of the site. In this case, shortly after the draw, all the prizes, except for the winnings of the first and second prize categories, are credited to the player’s personal account. Participate in the Viking Lotto! And you will have a chance to become a millionaire!

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