How to Win and Withdraw Money

How to Win and Withdraw Money

Everyone can win at a casino. Many online casino players completely miss the point that winning is only half the battle. As long as the coins won do not ring in your wallet (or at least warm your heart in a bank account), these are just numbers on the monitor screen.

A solid casino with a trustworthy reputation significantly reduces the risks of losing your winnings, but to be frank, does not completely exclude them. Because the successful completion of the procedure for withdrawing winnings from the account is not always completely dependent on the casino. In fact, most of the problems with the withdrawal of funds that arise from customers of reliable establishments are due to the fact that players do not bother to familiarize themselves with the internal rules of the casino. By the way, this is why the very first section in which you should look (and ideally, study it carefully) before registering is casino’s Terms & Conditions.

We also tried to collect as much information as possible about what to pay attention to and what not to do, so that you would never have difficulty in obtaining honestly earned winnings.

1. Payment Methods

Modern online casinos have a huge number of payment methods (in international casinos the list of available payment systems can be up to fifty positions). We recommend that you do not limit yourself to viewing the list, but carefully study the conditions for depositing and withdrawing funds from your chosen payment system.

This should be done for the following reasons:

  1. As a rule, to get a win, the same method is used by which your deposits were made. But, usually, the options for withdrawing money are significantly less than for replenishing an account. Therefore, make sure that payments are made using the payment system that suits you, and select an alternative option in advance to avoid surprises if you need money urgently.
  2. Minimum and maximum limits of payment systems. Usually, you can easily withdraw an amount of 10-20 dollars to e-wallets, but in order to get the bank check, you need at least a hundred dollars.
  3. Timing. E-wallets receive funds in a few minutes, but in case of a credit card, the money can appear in a few working days, not earlier.
  4. Commission. A commission is an important thing that should be considered, especially when transferring small amounts.
Casino Payment Methods

2. Withdrawal of Bonus Wins

This is one of the most common reasons for the frustration of many inattentive players. Before you happily accept bonuses from the casino, carefully review the clauses regarding the terms of the wager and withdrawals (usually, the requirements are tough with a lot of restrictions).

3. Payment Terms

This is an important parameter of the agreement, which must suit you. To avoid misunderstandings, find out in advance in what time the casino pays the winnings.

Some casinos make withdrawals only from Monday to Friday. Some of them clearly state in the rules the period during which they guarantee the receipt of a win (for example, the winnings in the specified amount go to your account within a day, if the winnings exceed the stipulated amount, it will be available to you in three days). Other casinos are not ready to take on such responsibility and use more vague language (for example, “during the week”).

4. Withdrawal Limits

Not all casinos have the ability to instantly pay a big win. Therefore, as a rule, almost all casinos limit the amount that the user can request for withdrawal during the day, week or month. Therefore, if you get a multi-million-dollar jackpot, do not be lazy to know in advance how you can get it.

5. ID Confirmation

When registering, always specify the real data. When you first request a withdrawal, the online casino will ask you for a scan or photo of your ID (passport or driving license). This is done in order to prevent persons under the age of 18 from playing and to prevent fraudulent actions with accounts. The same procedure may be required in the future when receiving large amounts.

6. Avoid Cheating

Land-based casinos blacklist dishonorable customers and stop them from entering the hall. Online casinos deal with violators in the same way and can return a deposit to a player and block access from an account found to be dishonest. Therefore, do not try to beat the casino with the help of prohibited software.

But no one forbids the use of strategies that increase your chances. Online casinos can neither track nor stop the use of strategies (unlike land-based casinos, where a client suspected of counting cards while playing blackjack, for example, can simply be put out of the door).

Choose your casino carefully, play fair, use proven strategies, and you will have no problems either to win or to withdraw your winnings.

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